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Business Operations

All business operations need to be streamlined to achieve optimum resource utilization. By adoption of proper planning and apt process improvement techniques both large and small businesses can improve productivity and efficiency. It is a fact that when business operations are standardized as an single entity, there are huge achievements in scaling up of the operations there by integrating the whole process and simplifying operations management.

We at Cancri, earnestly thrive to deliver our customers with a complete solution having an integrated set of components which includes planning, business process improvement, integration, automation and innovation of critical business operations.

Business Operations

Operations Planning:

In operations management, we provide end to end solutions – resource allocation & planning, production systems planning, Storage/material handling, scheduling and project management. On the basis of the present industry standards and the current ROI considerations we can evaluate your existing operations and provide effective suggestions and solutions to achieve optimum levels.

Process Improvement:

All the process is governed by people and procedures. Using right kind of tools like lean techniques, six sigma, 5 S model, industry specific standards, statistical models - we need to re check our procedures, adopt a methodology driven approach in institutionalizing the quality process areas for achieving the requisite milestones, business objectives and achieve better results satisfying all the stake holders. We at Cancri, believe in providing the solutions focusing on our customers ROI.

Engineering Design:

Having solid functional knowledge and strong technology expertise our design staff provide facility layout and design, Product design, tool designs, rapid prototyping and out of box solutions.

Cost Reduction:

Trade cycles affect every business and we prepare our customers to tackle this effectively using apt cost reduction solutions.