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Solicitors, Attorneys, Lawyers, Legal practitioners, Law departments and Law firms are increasingly turning to outsource legal documentation preparation, research, analysis and support work to CANCRI’s team. CANCRI legal services team is versatile and our affordable solutions add substantial value in making them effectively run their practice and profession. CANCRI offers flexibility and has the ability to customize work flow as per the customer requirements.

We deliver superior quality output and maintaining client confidentiality is our highest priority. We have designed our work intake, oversight, quality control and delivery systems to ensure that each client receives world-class quality service, efficiently, securely and in a timely manner by whatever media best suits that client.

Our Service offerings are:

  • Litigation Support Services
  • Document Management
  • Legal Drafting & Transcription
  • E-Discovery & Document Review
  • Legal Research & Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Services
  • Contract Management