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Marketing products and services just to satiate the present need of the customers without an effective strategy will not yield long term ROI. Hence an effective marketing requires a practical and implementable strategy. Developing a marketing strategy is critical for both large and small organizations and an efficient strategy is critical for every organization to face the cut throat competition in the current business environment.

Adopting a right kind of communication channel and communicating effectively is necessary to convey the benefits of products and services of your esteemed organization to the prospective customers; further there is need to adopt a flexible strategy keeping in mind the changing perceptions and loyalties of the customer per the changes in the market place. We at Cancri, help our customers in development and drafting of a marketing plan taking cognizance of having a flexible and effective marketing strategy.

At Cancri we provide effective service to our clients and work with them on the following opportunities

  • Development of Effective Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Research for Strategic Decision Making
  • Product Management Strategies
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • ROI- based Online Advertising
  • Public Relations

ROI –based Online Advertising

Generating profitable returns has become benchmark of performance for any marketer. More so, in online advertising the industry norm is to provide more opportunities to generate online profitable returns. Cancri manages search engine marketing and display campaigns effectively and efficiently for its clients and customers. The key differentiator we provide to our customers is with advanced targeting capabilities, detailed campaign analytics and attribution analysis there by driving improved ROI.

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