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Mobile Applications Development

Customers and prospects interact with any organization through various channels. One of the chosen devices for accessing these different channels is a mobile phone. Interactions with the customer provide actionable insights and mobile applications helps in providing additional value in marketing agility, optimizing campaign effectiveness and expanding reach.

A web portal is not just about selling products or having a web presence. Corporate companies all over the world are using portal development services for managing sales activities, marketing programs and enhancing support and service functions.

CANCRI have expertise in building cross platform applications for mobile devices. We have full specifications for every app store and can build

  • Mobile Native Applications
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Mobile Website Templates

We work on all the major platforms: Symbian Platform, Android, Java Mobile Enterprise, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, iOS (Apple), Brew, Flash lite and Silver light

Advertising on Mobile Devices:

There is huge advertising potential for application publishers, distributors and service providers. Cancri has solid understanding of respective usage patterns of the mobile, which make easy for our customers to harness advertising opportunities on mobile phones. The type of application, genre and user segment will determine the frequency of use of such applications.