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Every enterprise has a range of performance indicators to measure continuously over time. A simple, flexible tool that can help measure,track, analyze and monitor performance is imperative in the current business environment.Ultimately, as is well said,what gets measure and tracked get done.

We at CANCRI, develop bespoke online dashboards, featuring charts and graphs of data to maintain and provide you the visibility into your key business metric performance-anytime,anywhere.

Having done imlementations of various Data Intelligence solutions across the board, Cancri has expertise in building customizable performance reporting tools achieving broad range of analytics operations like:

  • Comprehensive query and reporting to make better decisions,
  • Dashboarding,Analysis,Score carding and real time monitoring

Cancri's performance tracking tool is provides simpler navigation, is User friendly, Scalable and flexibility.Custom KPL metrics management and Secured global access are in grained in this solution.