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Cancri Consulting provides full range of supply chain consulting services - facility planning, design and supply chain management services for companies involved in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Cancri have qualified engineers and professionals to take care of your supply chain optimization and logistics management needs. There has been a drastic paradigm shift in the manufacturing challenges in last decade. In this ever changing world of complexities and challenges today the manufacturing challenge has shifted from shop floor to managing the supply chain and inventory optimization at the warehouse. The requirements of an efficient enterprise are better forecasting, demand planning, purchase planning, better tracking of inventory items and reduction in the lead times.

CANCRI has experience in multiple functions of supply chain domain like process optimization, consulting and implementation, project management and product development. CANCRI has led supply chain initiatives with multinationals and Asian companies in the area of Sales and Operations Planning, Order fulfillment, Forecast Optimization, Inventory and Spare Parts Planning, Inbound supply procurement initiatives - Strategic Sourcing and Negotiation.

Cancri helps you drive more productivity with fewer resources and opt for effective automation tools to enhance profitability. Cancri believes in LEAN MANUFACTURING APPROACH, hence having a profitable manufacturing business. Eliminating waste with in the production process is the key to lean manufacturing and efficient management.

Supply Chain Strategy & Optimization

  • - Systems engineering, integration and    implementation management
  • - Network modeling and simulation
  • - Item Demand and Movement Analysis
  • - Transportation Mode Analysis / Costing.

Operations Planning

  • - Concept development, detailed planning,    and implementation
  • - Site master planning and facility layouts
  • - Materials handling systems
  • - RFID systems

GAP Assessment & Analysis

  • - Receiving through shipping operations    observation
  • - Review layout / material flow / methods
  • - Consider equipment / technology usage
  • - Benchmarking and Best Practices

Software Solutions

  • - WMS software implementation and    support
  • - Host interface development
  • - Supplier collaboration systems