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Engineering Design

Human minds over the years have created technological objects of great value by creative application of technology. If we notice it meticulously, we find this creative technology is visible in all of our surroundings.

Cancri has completed several small and large scale projects and provided Detailed Engineering Services to its esteemed customers and is glad to serve its customers with comprehensive design and consultancy services. We assure you that there will be substantial savings and value addition if Engineering services are availed from us.

Often it is found that the solution to the design problem is open-ended and there could be multiple options available to solve the problem. The apparent problem usually is not the real problem and hence there is a tendency to attack the current position instead of attacking the problem itself which leads to complications and imperfect results. The engineering design team at CANCRI is trained to avoid such complexities and provide an apt solution. Hence, the first step is to formulate the problem in clear and unambiguous term taking cognizance of the all the inadequacies.

Every Design problem is unique and requires different approach, tools and analysis. Depending on the nature of problem and design solutions opted,

CANCRI helps in providing following analysis:

  • - Functional analysis
  • - Industrial design/Ergonomics
  • - Mechanical/Strength analysis
  • - Electrical/Electromagnetic
  • - Manufacturability/Testability
  • - Product safety & Liability
  • - Economic & Market analysis
  • - Regulatory & Compliance