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A journey of thousand miles can be started with one step in right direction

Outsourcing as a business phenomenon is not new; managements over centuries have taken prudent business decision – “make or buy” depending on the various pros and cons and have added substantial value to the profitability of their enterprise. Nomenclatures might differ and in a globalized world where distances do not matter every enterprise have to think globally. In this age of cut-throat competition, among businesses “survival of fittest” is the norm; so it is inevitable to stand out of the crowd and be different. At Cancri, Process innovations, reduction in cost, value additions in the deliverables is our expertise; and as one stop solution we transform your business.

Both small and large scale businesses should concentrate on core strengths, this is primary and all the processes which do not add substantial value can be outsourced depending on the type, scale and location of the business. Cancri believe that outsourcing and offshoring works to reduce cost, improving the business processes and adding value to the deliverables will help every enterprise.

The strategic view of global sourcing is to have not just “labor arbitrage” but every manager get fixed on its potential there by leading to “transformational outsourcing”. This leads to productivity, growth and efficiency adding multiple gains on both operational capabilities and long term objectives of any business enterprise.

Cancri has talent management expertise in house and DUTY, DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION and DEDICATION is ingrained in our staff and consultants. The talent pool at Cancri has requisite technology and management expertise having zeal to run that extra mile and deliver on time. Cancri team follows some of the IT business imperatives - evolutionary methodology of development, designing before coding and having a clear vision, thus resulting in reduction of reworks and headaches.

Cancri deliver products faster at lower costs delivering substantial value additions making our customers better equipped to compete against anyone in the world.