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Workforce management is faced today with daunting challenges and no longer is Human Resource division in any organization considered a cost center and seen with skepticism; these days we find that HR practices play a pivotal role in the development of talent and having a right resource pool adding substantial value to the bottom lines. Cancri provides integrated talent management practices to be adopted by the companies/ organizations thereby delivering real business benefits: organizations become capable of retaining performers, realize better revenue per employee and the organization is agile and better equipped to manage change.

Training and development needs largely depends on specific job, understanding the training needs and providing requisite training would require experts in the field so that the employees are trained aptly. Employee profiling, skill assessment, training and development of employees is indispensable for having a right fit, building a cohesive team and having the right level of competency to achieve the organization objectives and long term goals. We at Cancri, help our customers in providing varied information about both existing and prospective employees forging a better understanding between them.

Effective use of employee engagement and participation practices is paramount in deciding satisfaction with the employer and there has been a vertical rise in using such practices to retain talent. Our reports provide information about your organization from the perspective of your employees. The recommendations provided by CANCRI helps in strategic planning enhancing your relationship with your employees. CANCRI expertise would differentiate organization practices benchmarking with the best in the industry, bringing down the mismatch between both employer and employee. A right managerial fit having a manager’s style meshed with the employee’s management needs provides substantial increase in the productivity of the team, reducing the attrition level of talent and preventing the need for hiring unnecessary replacements.